Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guess What?

The New year’s here and once again I’ve had a thought or three
Of resolutions for my life that would make a better ME
I’m full of great ideas and at starting I’m a whizz
But I’m a one day wonder then my resolutions fizz.

Guess what? This year is different. I’ll be starting a new style
I’ll forget that I am me and my resolutions aren’t worthwhile
I’ll remember that God made me and it’s He I want to please
And He’s glad to see me trying and be often on my knees.

So this year I’m a couple, not a loner any more
The Lord and me together every moment; that’s the score
So whatever this year holds for me I know I’m not alone
For God Who made me perfectly will guide the best way Home.

Wyn Barratt 2013.


Pam said...

Good thought, Wyn. i love the whimsical touch you gave this.

Wyn Barratt said...

Blessings, Pam!