Thursday, November 25, 2010

A boy looks into the life of a youthful Jesus.

I can sit up in bed and talk with You
I can stay up all night if You want me to
It’s so quiet now we won’t be disturbed
And we can both whisper so as not to be heard.

Will You tell me about life when You were a boy
Were You always good? Did You have any toys?
I wonder if You ever played in the dirt?
Or if Your Mother was worried that You might get hurt.

I wish I had seen You as a baby , Lord
And as a boy Who sometimes got bored
Did You cut yourself with Joseph’s tools
When You were learning the carpenter’s rules?

You were the eldest with younger kin
Were You in charge when Your parents weren’t in?
Did Your young brothers squabble and fight?
Did You have sisters and have to kiss them goodnight?

Were all Your lessons taken at school
Within the Temple where the scribes had to rule?
I have so many questions that I want to ask
Was Your life like mine with many small tasks?

When will I know and when will I hear
All about You that I hold so dear?
I don’t want to wait till I get up to heaven
Please tell me now, the clock says it’s seven!

Wyn Barratt.
Nov 2010.


Marja said...

I ABSOLUTELY love this Wyn, what a great perspective!!!! Thanks for sharing!

wyn said...

Thanks Marja.
I love how children think. They cut right to the chase!

I would like the answers myself.