Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why Don’t I Mind My Own Business?

Why don’t I mind my own business?
I keep overstepping the mark
There is such a fine line between caring
And touching that ‘Privacy’ mark

I just want to end people’s troubles
And make their life better, you see
But I hit a brick wall or cold shoulder
Or the ‘Privacy’ wall just hits me.

I’ve always been a fighter for justice
And would take on a war (two or three)
No matter the odds, shake the peas out of pods
If I’m raging don’t try to stop me.

I have all the best of intentions
And I have too much love to spare
Those I want to protect or fight for
They really don’t even care.

So I’ll keep to my side of the fence line
And a little aloof from now on
Unless I am asked to perform a task
I’ll mind my own business from now on.

Wyn Barratt
Nov 2010


maz said...

Hi Wyn! Don't stop trying to lend a hand honey - it's usually those who need it most who don't like to ask for help!
We can only do our best babe!
maz x


wyn said...

Thank you Maz! I was really ready to throw in the sponge (soaked in vinegar!!!)
Blessings and thanks for the hug.

maz said...

No problem!
maz x