Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Love Letter To The Master.

I Want To Know You

I want to know You, and see Your face
I have known Your love, Lord throughout this long race
I know You are faithful, kind and true
How can I ever stop loving You.

I want to know You, as I look in Your eyes
You always are caring, yet You love to surprise
Some days are long Lord, and healing won’t come
But don’t change Your plans, Lord, I want this race run.

Not my will, Father, but only thine
My asking for changes is wasting our time
Work to be done and lost souls to win
Telling them You died, Lord, to free them from sin.

All You have done Lord, at Calvary
You thought it was worth it to save even me
I just want to know You and to stay by Your side
Bonded in love with nothing to hide.

I hid from You, Lord for many a day
But others prayed I’d surrender some way
Now I am Yours You know I won’t hide
Walking together in love and great pride.

Wyn Barratt
Nov 2010


Marja said...

'my asking for changes is wasting our time...' in a way I like that Wyn, it tells so much of how many of our prayers are. Sometimes we just need to learn to let go... and do what we KNOW we need to do!
Great poem, thanks for sharing!

wyn said...

You are right, Marja.
'Thy will be done' I guess it should be, but when you are pleading for a suffering friend and believed in miracles......?