Tuesday, December 14, 2010


If for sixty years you do all for love
And that great love should go
With what then do I fill my life?
What should I do; where go?

Well-meaning folk line up to say
‘You should’ ‘you should…’’ You should…’
I won’t become an old man’s slave
Though I could…I could…I could…

I want to be downright selfish
And do things just for me
I enjoy my own company
Though it’s lonely, I agree.

So I’ll just sit here and ponder
In the kitchen of my home
And realise with gratitude
I do not need to roam.

I could sit here with my duster
And keep the cobwebs at bay
As the spiders have moved in you see
When they thought I’d gone away.

So now it’s either them or me
Who can enjoy this home
So I’ll make their lives a misery
And hope that they will roam.

While I sit here with my free time
And duster unfurled
I’ll get those rotten spiders for
Invading my world.

Wyn Barratt.

Dec 2010.

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