Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cause of Death?

Cause of death unknown, I read
Funeral to be held in bed
No need for fancy coffin here
Just say your peace the Minister’s near.

“She had a very happy life
She was a good and busy wife
Her children raised and educated
She said she would like to be cremated”.

To save expense was her idea
To cremate her body right in here
The fire we start will have to burn
So hot she cannot then return

The fire brigade must not be called
Until the fire has taken hold
Her earthly goods must be destroyed
If we fight over them she’ll be annoyed.

I don’t know what will happen next
Her funeral service she has text
A little sermon she added too
I really knew that’s what she’d do.

She always wanted the last word
But since it’s in text nobody heard
I know she's happy and carefree now
A campervan in Heaven? They’d never allow!

Wyn Barratt. Dec 2010.

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