Tuesday, September 7, 2010

At A Loose End.

What shall I do today, Father?
Is there some need I can fill?
I begin to feel useless, dear Master
Shall I just sit quiet and still?

Will Your Holy Spirit whisper
What You think I should do?
The hours spent at home drag on longer
Since I haven’t some work I can do.

Everyone one that I know has been prayed for
And I’ve sent them my love from my heart
I cannot supply people’s needs Lord
Worldly wealth and I seemed to part.

So give me a task, loving Saviour
Time is all I can give
And that’s running short as well, Lord
Then my love is all I’m left with.

Wyn Barratt. Sept 2010.


sarah said...

awesome gentle blog.

wyn said...

Thank you Sarah