Sunday, October 17, 2010

Use By Date.

We will never reach our ‘use by’ date
In the service of our Lord
But one day He will call us Home
To our last and great reward.

I don’t think when that day does come
I’ll say, “Not yet, not yet”!
For I am ready now dear Lord
Though family may fret.

Is this how prisoners feel the day
Its gates are opened wide
They now can have a brand new start
Though many run and hide.

I’m free to roam most anywhere
Since no-one needs me now
But where is ‘anywhere’, my Lord?
My hands still need a plough.

A purpose and a goal I need
But You must set the pace
I tend to rush round here, then there,
Till I tire of the race.

I know a goal that I could set
And You will help me Lord
I want to know You more and more
And love You as I ought.

Wyn Barratt Oct 2010.


Marja said...

Oh, good one Wyn. And I love your goal... to know Him better...
Thanks for sharing on your blog again!!

wyn said...

Thank You Marja.
My old computer is done for so I apologize for my absences till my new comp is ready.
God bless,