Monday, April 12, 2010

Lord I Am Surrounded

Lord I am surrounded by Your love
I am wrapt and held and shielded by it too
My pain and trials disappear within the circle of Your arms
From here my world is beautiful with You.

Lord I am strengthened by Your love
My fears are groundless and fast fading shadows
I can stand tall and face the future with a smile that comes from You
From now my world is wonderful with You.

Lord I’m made alive by Your love
The love that reaches out to all around
I can hold out my arms to comfort those that mourn
Just because my life is comforted by You.

Lord my life’s made new with Your love
My past held in Eternity by You
Every step I take with You, You will show me what to do
And all my life will be a monument to You.

©2010 Wyn Barratt.


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