Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hands off!!!

You pray that My will may be done
Then you come and interfere
I know you are just trying to help
But I’m in charge, my dear.

A soul I’m seeking may turn aside
If all their problems are solved
They’ll have no need to cry out to Me
If you see things are resolved

Your kindness is no problem
But solutions then are mine
To draw a stubborn soul to Me
And save their soul in time.

I hate to see them hurting too
But their eternal soul
Is more important than some pain
Till Salvation makes them whole.

©2010 Wyn Barratt.


light71 said...

Words of wisdom from a heart of gold...

wyn said...

Thank you Lynne.
I can't open your blog??!!

Marja said...

Oh.. great one Wyn, love the first few lines... so true! Through God's eyes...
Thank you for sharing :)