Friday, November 7, 2008

Green Pastures.

I’d like to stay here
In this field of glistening green
With a few little weeds.
Just a few harmless weeds?

Not a chance! As I glance
At their harmless heads
Their roots are spreading under the ground freely
Their heads are spreading seeds over the ground.

While I’m watching.
The breeze is spreading the seeds all around.
They must be found
Destroyed, burned

Roots under the ground must be pulled out
Put in the fire, the consuming fire, not the purifying fire.
Those weeds destroy our souls
Our hopes of a harvest of one hundred-fold

We must never rest till every seed of evil,
The spawn of Satan
Is searched, seen and destroyed in the light of God’s Word.
Only then can we lie down in green pastures

While God restores our souls.

1 comment:

Marja said...

So true Wyn, the Bible says we have to be alert and on the watch because the devil is always going around looking for someone he may devour. I guess we have to learn to be like some animals, they appear to be sleeping, but they see every move you make!