Saturday, November 1, 2008

Will You Listen?

Will you listen if I tell you of a God who is love?
Would you believe it if I proved it was true?
What if I showed you that love of God
By the very things that I do?

My words are just empty clanging sounds
It’s actions that prove words are true
How do you know what you read in God’s word
If the lives of His saints don’t show you?

We are the proof of a God who is love
When we love like our God to the end
If we say’ Yes, I love you’ and then turn our back
What message of love do we send?

We are His eyes that see the need
His hands that reach out and hold
His arms that gather and protect
His feet that pace the fold.

What do men see if they can’t see God?
Our words no message will send.
We are proof of a God who is love
When we show love like God’s to the end.

W.B. Oct 2008

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