Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Journey.

My Journey.

I have been told that I ‘wear everything on my sleeve’, and that my poetry reveals whether I have had a good day or a bad day.

That is true.
King David showed the same things in his Psalms, which also happens to be my favourite book in the Bible.

My poems for the most part, are my cries to God, my Saviour, my Friend.
I wanted to share everything with you, my friends, and fellow travellers on the road to Glory.

You will learn my feelings, my regrets, my longings and my pleas and praise to my Heavenly Father.
I would like to add also, my successes and triumphs, but they are very few, sadly.

I am a slow learner, too impulsive, and as a friend so succinctly put it, inclined to fire a gun and try to chase the bullets!

Don’t emulate me! Learn from my mistakes! Please!

In exposing my innermost thoughts and feelings it is because I have been led to share my journey with you in the hope that you will escape the pits into which I have fallen too many times, and that you may find help and encouragement too.

Psalm 27.v.4 ‘I pray that you too will be blessed as you inquire in His Temple.’

W.B. June 1 2009

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