Sunday, May 17, 2009

To Be Alone.

Would that I could stand upon a lonely hill
And by the gentlest zephyr be caressed
My eyes closed to heighten the sense of other things
Then breathe the fragrance from the trees at rest.

If you were to stand there quietly with me
Not speaking, but a kindred spirit there
Would we both hear music carried on the breeze?
And think beautiful thoughts without a care?

Your presence would direct all my thoughts to you
And my spirit would no longer be free
So goodbye my dear companion I need to be alone
So my spirit may fly oh God to Thee.

W.B. March 2009


Marja said...

Hi Wyn, hope and pray all is well with you. I am glad you're still writing!!
Blessings, goodness and kindness to you today! Al the way from Holland :)

wyn said...

Lovely to hear from you Marja!
Thank you for your lovely message.
I hope you are well and enjoying being home.
Blessings and love,