Monday, May 18, 2009

In Honour Of You, My Lord.

Everywhere I look, Lord
I see a sign of You
In clouds and rain and sunshine
In everything You do.

The birds sing out their praises
As soon as the dawn breaks
And my heart leaps in response, Lord
And follows in their wake.

Another day, and other chance
To prove my love for You
Whatever then may happen
Is a gift or test to do.

Oh Saviour You’re my teacher
I’m learning at Your feet
It’s only then I realize
The good you wish for me.

I’m surrounded by Your loving gifts
From earth and sky and sea
At every turn You hold out more
Your gifts of love for me.

Lord, I can never, never match
Your mercy love and care
If I could live ten thousand years
My offerings would still be bare.

But You only ask of me
To love, trust and obey
So I surrender up my will
From this moment and every day.

W.B May 2009


Marja said...

I love this one Wyn, very sensitive and pure! Thank you dear friend. Enjoy your day!

wyn said...

Thank you Marja,

You don't seem so far away when I see your dear face smiling at me!

One day I will hop on a cloud and visit you!