Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Same Old, Same Old.

Do we wake in the morning to the ‘same old, same old’
And think nothing changes for us?
The grass to be mowed, the chores to be done
And problems keep on coming up?

Take ‘time out’ and listen for the still small voice
It’s only a whisper, I know
But when God whispers the things you should do
That’s the time we’ll begin to grow.

We may feel all alone in our struggles and strife
Like Elijah when he hid in a cave
But God had seven thousand faithful ones
Left behind when Elijah escaped.

We are covered by prayer from God’s faithful
Who raise our name every day
We must not forget to hold them up too
Prayer strengthens us all on our way.

We are a family, the family of God
We’re all one hidden under the Blood
Whatever we look like, our heart should be one
To love God, each other, and do good.

W.B. May 2009.

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