Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Cannot Tell.

I cannot tell why a Holy God should love me
Or why He should choose me as his precious child
Or why Jesus died for me while watched by others
Who would look upon God’s Son and just deride.

But I can tell you all that Jesus loves you
And that He died to save and set you free
Please see that sin and doubt will end your future
Of eternity with Him, whose love you see.

I cannot say why His creations are so beautiful
And you are one of His creations too
But this I know, He made you because He loves you
And with His salvation your life will be made new.

So please choose life and walk with God in glory
And tread this earth with all He made for you
God’s family now will welcome and surround you
The Holy Spirit within to guide you through.

Have faith in God, He is your Heavenly Father
Untold adventures may attend your day
Or yet, a quiet walk beside still waters,
Whatever path, He holds you all the way.

W.B. May 2009


Marja said...

Beautiful Wyn, soothing....
What a gift you have!

wyn said...

Bless you Marja,
You are always my encourager,
Every blessing to you dear friend,