Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Storm.

There are storm clouds building up
On my horizon once again
Already I hear thunder
And feel spots of heavy rain.

Can I survive the turmoil
From any more pain and strife?
Oh Lord, be Thou my Shepherd
And the Guardian of my life.

Oh save me Father, shelter me
My boat is rocking once again
Please call to calm the coming storm
And whisper, “This is My rain.’.

Oh Holy Spirit rain on me
And keep me through the storm
My boat is filling up again
Please shelter me from harm.

Where are the green pastures?
Where is the water still?
Where is the table spread for me?
Where is the peace my soul to fill?

Oh shelter me dear Saviour
My boat is sinking fast
Without Your love and mercy
I know my strength won’t last.

W.B. May 2009.

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