Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let Me Look.

Let me look into Your eyes when I feel anger
Let me look into Your heart when I feel pain
Let me stand beneath the cross when all around is loss
Let me touch Your side and hands that hold the nails.

Help me staunch the tears that fall for my own sorrows
Help me turn my back on my own selfish needs
There are those who suffer loss, I need to show the cross
And care for ones whose troubles no one heeds.

Your lost sheep are scattered everywhere, dear Saviour
Among my family, friends, and those I’ve yet to meet
Lord, hear my prayer that they will hunger and not be satisfied
Till they see the cross and kneel Lord, at Your feet.

W.B. May 2009.


Anonymous said...

Your second verse should be posted in the HUC Bulletin.
I know that you know what I mean.

Marja said...

Hi Wyn, thanks for yet another great verse! Don't forget to check on my blog every now and then, just to stay in touch!
LOVE, Marja

wyn said...

Thank you Jeff,
and I do know what you mean.


Thank you Marja,
I have visited and sent a little comment (bumper sticker)
Many Blessings, my precious friend,