Saturday, July 4, 2009

Looking Back, Looking Up, Looking Round.

When I look back Lord, look back on my life
I see how You led me in love
All of my failings, mistakes and wrongdoings
Are wiped from Your records above.

So when I look up and my eyes are on You
I don’t need to stumble again
For You are my Saviour and I long to please You
As long as my life will remain.

I see Your hand on every part of my life
And I trust You for all that is left
Tomorrow is wrapped in Your shelter of love
I know in that love I’ll be kept.

I can now look around since I’m safe and secure
And see all the work I can do
To care for Your loved ones wherever they are
Show them love, fill their needs, as You’d do.

So I can look back, and up, and around
I see You in every place
Wherever You lead me Your love will abound
I am safe in Your Mercy and Grace.

W.B. July 2009.


Marinela Reka said...

Awesome poem and so true.

Marja said...

Great song Wyn, lover your style!!! Keep posting!

wyn said...

Thank you Marinela.
I have been browsing you huge list of poems and I am so impressed that you write so much, so well, and so young.
Don't lose any of your work. Look into publishing. (I haven't published any of mine but I am looking into it eventually.)
Blessings and love,

wyn said...

Thank you Marj!
You are my encourager and the 'lifter of my head'.
God bless you my dear friend,
love and blessings,