Friday, July 31, 2009

Were You Ever Lonely Lord?

Were You ever lonely Lord in spite of all those crowds
Is that why You would climb the hills that were sometimes topped with clouds?
So many people wanting You and expecting to receive
While the disciples You were training to help the ones in need

But You would miss Your Father and His loving encouragement
It was hard to be alone at times, I know just how that felt
The disparaging remarks of those gloomy Sadducees,
And the self righteousness of the Pharisees

You must have wondered if it was worth the supreme sacrifice
Even before You had to die and pay the ultimate price.
But You were faithful to Your cause, faithful unto death
Hanging silent on that cross until Your final breath

Then after Your resurrection when You finally went home
Your Father’s arms enfolded You as You sat upon Your throne.
Just because You suffered and knew loss and loneliness
You see those who are lonely are held close to Your breast.

Oh Lord may we remember that it is our task to see
The lonely, lost, and needy are important to Thee
So we’ll care for others as if we cared for You
Until one day when You return and there’s no more we can do.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

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