Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Keep Your Eye On Me Father.

Keep Your eye on me Father
You promised You’d always be near
I’m afraid I may slip right out of Your sight
My trouble seems always so near.

So keep Your eye on me Father
24/7 and more
I want You to watch me closely
In case I leave You at the door.

I don’t want to be a rebel
I’ve spent most of my life like that
Now You’ve won my heart, I’m Your servant
No more wandering from You, that’s a fact.

You watched for me when I left You
Why did you care so much for me?
You knew I’d be lost without You
Now I’ve returned, but yet I am free.

I am free to leave You dear Saviour
But I love You too much to go
So keep Your eye on me Father
My eyes are on You , yes, You know.

W.B.. July 2009.


Marja said...

Isn't it good to know His eye is always on us! He will never leave or forsake us!
Thank you for opening your heart Wyn, beautiful.

wyn said...

It is so reassuring isn't it?
'His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me'. A great song.