Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Winter Of Content.

The nights draw in and the days are cold. I huddle by the fire.
Somehow I have time to ponder and browse through old, feverish times.
I sit and am drawn towards the fire with its hot golden flames
Like the fire from God’s alter. I hope it burns my dross again.

The fire dies and the cold moves in. Now God just sits with me
Sometimes completely silent, sometimes setting thoughts free.
I move towards the worship of a God so great, so kind
His loving words taking shape in the corners of my mind.

I don’t feel this way in summer. It’s not a pondering time for me
But in the dark, cold, wintry days, there’s more time for God you see.
When I huddle over the fire, there are no thoughts of chores or plans
No daydreaming as in summer days, of work to fill my hands.

Just warmth and dark and cold around and I can sit and hide
While God and I can visit. He is so close right by my side
I am content with pondering and the worship of my Lord
And all the while my spirit heals and is drawn closer by His love.

W.B.. July 2009.


Marja said...

Awesome Wyn, I can picture you! Thanks for sharing my dear friend!

wyn said...

Thanks Marja,
I love how near you are to me just when I feel the distance between us is too great!
Love and Blessings,