Thursday, January 15, 2009

I’m Your Man Lord

Help me to say all You would say and do what You would do
I want to be just like You as You would want me to.
There’s no one I admire more and when I’m all grown up
I want to be Your image, Lord, loving, kind, but tough

Too tough to take the ‘low road’, as my Dad says to me
To make the harder choices, for Your man I want to be
I’d still be kind and gentle to those who are in need.
As I remember, but for Your Grace I could be there indeed.

So I want to thank You, Jesus for ever choosing me
To be Your child and then Your man as You would have me be
So I will grow up beside You, I know You’ll hold my hand
And keep me close and teach me to be one of Your great band

For I won’t be alone, Lord, there are many others too
As soldiers of the Mighty King Your bidding always do.
Our tasks may differ slightly but we’ll still do Your work
We’ll raise the Cross and share Your love and no hard task shirk.

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