Saturday, June 27, 2009

I’m Stepping Forward.

I’m stepping forward, in the love of God
He’s the centre of my world, as it should be
I am holding the key to His supplies for me
Won’t you join me on my pilgrimage to God?

There are clouds in the sky and they will pass me by
I’m sheltered in the loving arms of God
No evil can harm me since Christ died upon the tree
Won’t you join me in my worship of our God?

The world may still be turning but soon it will be stopped
The clock is close to midnight, don’t you see?
It’s two thousand years since my Saviour died for me
It’s time for your salvation. Let it be.

I’m not travelling alone since Christ will lead me home
But I’d really love to have your company
We would really be strong and could right so many wrongs
When were travelling together, don’t you see?

W.B. June 2009.

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