Thursday, June 4, 2009

Without You.

I wouldn’t want to live if there were no Saviour
I wouldn’t want to live if there were no God
How would I live my life without the hope I have in You
You’ve been with me every single step I trod.

Without You, my life is over
Without You, it is the end
The end of all my hopes and dreams of Glory
The end of love and friendship my Dear Friend.

Without a Saviour, why would the sun even shine?
Without my glorifying Lord who would need rain?
Without Your Holy Spirit’s power to sustain me
Or Your precious blood to make me whole again.

Without You, there’ll be no joy in my tomorrows
Without You this long , long day will never end
But now You’ve come to walk with me through those tomorrows
It’s the start of love and friendship, my Dear Friend.

I want to live, because You love me
I want to live, because You died
I want to glorify You Lord, and do all You ask of me
Dear Jesus You are always at my side.
Yes, Jesus, You are always at my side.

Only with You there is life, love, and hope, Lord.

W.B. June 2009.


Marja said...

Awesome Wyn, greaT lyrics and so true. In Him we live, and move and have our being!
Blessings, my dear friend

wyn said...

Thanks Marja,
It's lovely to hear from you.
I find it is a very lonely existence without Shoutlife!
God bless, and keep safe,
Love, Wyn