Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Land Of No Tomorrows.

There’s a land of no tomorrows far beyond the sky
I’m going to go there someday though Dad says ‘Don’t you try’
I don’t know how I’ll get there I haven’t worked it out
But I’ve thought so much about it one day I’ll work it out.

‘The land of no tomorrows’ I like the way it sounds
I hate it when I want something and ‘Tomorrow’ is tossed around
My other friends agree with me their oldies say that too
When they want to do something interesting, ‘Tomorrow. That will do.’

In the land of no tomorrows the daylight never ends
The sun shines every single day and I’ll never leave my friends
I rather fancy going there on Santa’s reindeer sled
I can sometimes just imagine that when I lay upon my bed.

Well, now, it’s just occurred to me; do you think I might get bored?
The things I want to do I really can’t afford.
I may run out of ideas. I may run short of friends
I’d miss my mother calling me, and calling to my friends

She makes such super cookies and serves them with cold drinks
Then tea time’s not so far away when we’re filled up with cold milk
Maybe the land of no tomorrows should just stay as my dream
In dreams you know you can’t go wrong, that’s what I‘ve often seen.

So I’ll see you in the morning, for tomorrow’s another day
And we can make our plans then, of the games we are going to play.
Did you smell those cookies? I hope they’re chocolate chip
I’m going, Mum is calling me, and it’s one meal I won’t skip.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.


Marja said...

Great ponderings Wyn... reflections on this time of year! I hope you had a blessed Christmas! Love from california :)

wyn said...

Thanks, Marja.
I am much more at home in the mind of a child! Does that mean I am in my second childhood?
We had a terrible Christmas. Spent Christmas day at emergency in the local hospital. Geoff was admitted with pneumonia and is on oxygen etc. He's had no visits from family yet but is slowly reovering.
Happy New Year and every blessing my dear friend.

Anonymous said...

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