Thursday, December 10, 2009

Have I Denied You? (Luke 22. v61-62)

Have I denied You, my Lord and Master?
Have I denied You, dearest Saviour, Friend?
Yes! Every time I put someone else before You
Was Your claim on me denied, or at an end?

You turn to look at me with each denial
Your love for me is forever and without end
Has my love for You grown cold or lost in fear
Though once I claimed You as my Saviour, Friend?

Don’t look at me, Lord, when I deny You
I want to run away and weep my bitter tears
Your love shines through eyes now dark with sorrow
That I, Your child, should turn from love so dear.

Oh Lord, forgive as You have done before this
My denials of You are forever at an end
You will be first ,and foremost of all my loyalties
I’ll worship You as Saviour, Lord, and Friend.

I’ll be there when people would deny You
I’ll be there, beside Your cross of pain
I’ll stand with You, when cruel ones deride You
I’ll be there when You come from Heaven again.

I am Your child, You are my loving Father
And now Your pain I want my pain to be
I’ll never deny the One Who died to save me
The Son of God Whom I nailed to a tree.

You are my heart, my life, my Lord and Master
I am now bound to You my Lord, in love too
When You are pained, that pain will strike at my heart
As I try to understand what You went through.

You walked to the cross even as I denied You
You walked to the cross while others wept in grief
You walked on and on, just because You loved us
And You knew Your life was not Yours to keep.

You sacrificed it to show how much You loved us
You surrendered it to pay for all our sin
You conquered death and sin with resurrection
Your Spirit now has filled my heart within.

I’ll walk with You; I’ll stand with You; You are my God.

©2009 Wyn Barratt


Marja said...

Beautiful Wyn, beautiful! Don't we all have a little bit of Peter in us?

wyn said...

Yes we do, Marja, and what pain is in that regret!