Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Update Me.

Update me Lord. I often check my computer for such a thing.
Now I realise that my soul needs spiritual updating.
I plod along ‘same old, same old’ doing all I know I should
But I need a zap of Holy fire to do my soul some good.

Your power is there, always at hand, and I just need to ask.
I need Your Holy Fire Lord, for all my mundane tasks
I’d need it too, if there should be some great, exciting plan
That You will one day show to me. I’ll do anything I can.

And so, dear Lord, just look at me; You see I’m in such need
Of a flame of Holy Fire. Please send it now with speed.
A moment lost in indifference is a moment lost for good
And I am your dear servant, help me do all I should.

Update me Lord, not just today, but every day I live
I could set this world on fire; I have so much love to give.
My head is bowed, my hands are raised I’m ready to receive
Update me Lord, set me on fire; I believe Lord, yes, I believe.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.


Bonnie Toews said...

Wyn, the music and your poems are incredible. I have tears in my eyes to think that you are giving in such a beautiful way. Your note to me especially touched me because I do understand so well the indignity that Parkinson's creates for our husbands who have the disease and for us to have to carry them through it. May your poems continue to bring you beautiful moments of respite. We can personally get in touch if you want. My email is

Love and hugs, Bonnie

wyn said...

Thank you for those very kind and encouraging words, Bonnie.

The music is written and performed by my very dear friend, Jeff Gorick
who also has a blog site here.
Thank you too for entrusting me with your email address.
Mine is
God bless you and a very happy Christmas,
Blessings and love,

Rita Gerlach said...

Beautiful and heartfelt. I was blessed to read Wyn's poem. Bonnie Toews recommended I visit.
Blessings to you Wyn, on Christmas

wyn said...

Thank you Rita, and thanks to Bonnie too.
Every blessing to you t Christmas and for the coming year,