Saturday, November 21, 2009

What Is It Like In Heaven?

What is it like in Heaven?
Is it a busy, busy place?
Do You give instructions to angels
Then they set Your plans in place?

What work is performed by redeemed ones ?
Do they leave their mansion each morn
If there is no sunrise to tell them
Another new day is born?

No hospitals, prisons or clinics
The house won’t get dusty again
No windows to clean, (that is great news)
No spiders coming in from the rain. (I hope).

Will babies be babies for ever?
I have so many questions to ask
And I won’t know the answer for ages
For I’m not ready for Heavenly tasks.

I’ve decided there’s too much to do here
And I’m working more slowly each day
I need time for pondering and praying
If I’m to keep the enemy away.

So Lord please stay closely beside me
Or send an angel or two
I’m inclined to become quite flustered
With so many things to do.

But with peace in my heart from You, Lord
And my eyes fixed firmly on You
Whatever ever task You set me
I’ll do anything for You..

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

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