Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tired Of School?

I’m absolutely, definitely, tired of school today
I want to hear my teacher say a holiday’s on its way
I made a mess of lessons because I hadn’t been prepared.
I didn’t do my homework in case I seemed a ‘nerd’.

It’s not that I want to appear stupid all my life
Though that is what will happen if I’m a slacker and a pike
I want to be much smarter than that fellow on TV
I’m full of useless information if you ask me.

So now I have decided I will study very hard
And do all my homework, though I’ll still play in the yard.
One day you’ll see my name on a board upon a door
And you’ll know you’ve found someone who really knows it all.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.


Marja said...

Haha, good one Wyn! I'll bet you'll read that one to your grandkids!
I really hope you're doing better these days Wyn. Blessings and a healing touch to you!

wyn said...

Thanks Marja,
I had thought of that. A couple of the grandchildren and great grandies would fit that perfectly!
We are slowly picking up, though I quite enjoyed my stay in Hospital. The food was great.
Blessings to you too my friend.

wyn said...
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