Thursday, April 16, 2009

From My Heart.

I want to pour out words of adoration
Just as they tumble from my heart
But then I also want to write the best
The most perfect work of art.

For only the best of my language
Should be used to describe You
You are my wonderful Heavenly Father
Perfect in all You say and do.

No words on earth could describe You
Your majesty and yet Your love
You are fearsome, mighty and Holy
The great Creator from above.

Dare I speak to You as to a friend
With my heart in every word?
Or is it alright when full of awe
All I can whisper is, “Oh, my Lord!’?

I’m so glad that the Holy Spirit
Speaks for me in wordless groans
That’s just how I’ve felt sometimes
As I wept before Your throne.

So God, You made me and know me
In every single part
And when I kneel to pray You don’t evaluate
My words, but You listen to my heart.

W.B. April 2009.

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