Sunday, March 15, 2009



Monday’s a great day. A week of new starts
Washing and housework, and the family depart
To earn their own living, or learning at school
While I have a ‘Nanny Nap’ with my feet on a stool.


Tuesday’s a great day. No washing to do
Just a little mending and ironing , that’s true.
Family out, then there’s exercise class
Keeping me fit till they put me out to grass.


Well, the week is half over, and what have I done?
Not much, by the look of things. I have to run
Shopping to do and meals to prepare
It’s pizzas tomorrow night, I’m glad to declare.


Well, I just love Thursday. The shops open late
We can skip a cooked meal and eat Pizzas (no plates)
Catalogue bargains will tempt me to browse
How much more junk can I cram in the house?


Hurrah, it is Friday. The week’s nearly over
No homework, or marking, we are all in clover.
What shall we do now the weekend is near?
Stay outdoors, enjoy nature? Oh, it’s pouring down here.


Fun day, picnics, play sports, or a run
Using up energy stored for so long
Shopping for groceries new shoes for the kids
May write up my journal or start a new list.


Sunday is God’s day, but all of the week
Should be God’s days as His will we seek
Today is our rest day and our listening time
While I learn and remember that Jesus is mine. W.B. March 2009


Marja said...

Good writing Wyn, thanks!!
Make sure to check out my blog, someone wrote a poem about Sorek, I am sure it will inspire you!!!

ginal said...

Hi Wyn! hope you are ok, miss you and hope from all my heart you come back.
Wish you and Geoff A Happy Easter !

much love and many hugs

wyn said...

Thanks Marja,
I did get on to your blog. I love Sorek. I feel as if he is one of my lost children. I had several miscarriages and still think of the lost babies sadly.

wyn said...

Hello Gina.
how lovely to hear from you!
I miss you too.
I will never come back to Shoutlife. I have beeen hurt too many times and I have done the hurting too many times also.
Every blessing my dear one,

ginal said...

Hi Wyn!
hope you had a great Easter; mine was this Sunday and was a good one:)
if you want to talk this is my regular mail:

love and blessings