Sunday, November 4, 2012

On Quiet Days

It’s on the quiet days that I look around my room
To see if there’s a glimpse of You to make my spirits zoom 
I’d fly aloft with You and journey through the skies
I’ll try to see what You will see by looking through Your eyes.

Your eyes so tender now as we pass above a school
While little ones run out to play; one day they’ll make the rules
A baby in a pram wheeled by a doting Mom
A father somewhere working hard to bring a pay check home.

Where will this journey end? In adventures in the sky?
We are flying now through lonely hills where sheep, attended, lie
Shepherds are near Your heart; for this You are, to us
As with their attentive, wakeful lives they scatter fear with trust.

Are we now homeward bound? I’ve seen such different scenes
With families, schools and Shepherds, yet all appeared serene
We are all held in Your love, as You work such differing plans
With just one aim to go Home again, all safely in Your hands.

Wyn Barratt Nov 2012.

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