Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Cannot Tell The Times.

I cannot tell the times You came to hold me
When on my knees I wept in bitter pain
For all my sins had piled up right around me
I thought the sun would never shine again.

And yet You came and put Your arms around me
You whispered love, forgiveness, to my heart
You turned me round to face a new day’s dawning
Holding me close, I knew we’d never part.

No-one can tell the pain Your Father’s parting
Left in Your soul that day upon the cross
He could not look at sin and You, the carrier
That we, the guilty, might never know that loss.

I cannot find the words enough, or worthy
To tell the debt I owe, the love I feel
Emotions surge, then fade, and I unworthy
Can only pledge my life as now I kneel.

Wyn Barratt  August 2012

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