Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Only Forever

You are still faithful Lord, though we may fear.
What shall we do? Are You really near?
How we must hurt You when doubts rule the way
What have we done? What did we say?

Yes, You are with us Your Word tells us so
So why do we fear to trust You and let go?
All You have done for us was through Your love
We love You too little Lord as we yearn for above.

Today and down here we are ordained to be
Yet we keep calling out, "What about me?"
May our love grow much deeper and be bound up in trust
You are our leader and surrender we must.

So here Lord we yield to You both mind and heart
Knowing You love us and we’ll never part
Only forever, is time, in Your sight
Whether on earth or in Heaven so bright.

Wyn Barratt August 2012.

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