Saturday, August 25, 2012


I am thinking of beautiful things to write
To tell about God, though He’s out of sight
How I feel His warmth when I whisper His name
How He’s always near, every day He’s the same.

I am thinking of wonderful songs to sing
To tell about God, like the birds on the wing
If you look up as they sing their songs
They are looking to God where their love belongs.

I am thinking of thoughtful things I could do
To show you my Lord and how He loves you too
You only need look at John 3.16
Then you will know just what I mean.

Please stop and think how God brought you to life
It’s His breath in your body when He gave you life
So worship the Father, give your life to the Son
Receive then the Spirit, you and God may be one.

Wyn Barratt  August 2012.

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