Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fear Or Trust?

‘Trust Me, it will be alright’ God says
Has fear coloured your world black?
Are your eyes closed against His Word?
Then you are sliding back.
Do you fear your future circumstance?
You fear what may never be
The mist that hides your Savour’s face
Is just doubt’s murky sea.

Is there a wall in front of you?
A night that never ends?
Mountains of impossibilities?
Gloom around every bend?
Then stop, stand still, be quiet now
So you can hear His voice
Your precious Saviour holds your hand
His way, not yours, the choice.

Tell Him all that troubles you
And lay your burden down
Don’t pick it up and drag it round
That earns no victor’s crown.
The problems are not yours to solve
They are signposts on the way
To draw your eyes up to your Lord
So He can lead the way.

Trust Him, yes, He, who made the world
His love the source of all
The joys and hopes you cannot see
If you’re blinded by fear’s pall
There is a wall? Leap over it!
No light? God is your light!
The road to Heaven’s no path of ease
But Christ’s life paid the entry rights.

W.B. June ‘14

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