Friday, August 8, 2014

Mocked By Mortality

I lie on my bed mocked by mortality
When shall I sleep? When will Peace come to me?
Weary of life, Lord, please come for me
Patience long gone, open the earth to me.

Is my work done? My brain’s frustrating me
Earth’s turmoil grows and tightens its grip on me
I’d show you the cross; tell what Christ did for me
Please look to the cross and then see what I see.

Here is the Christ, Son of almighty God
Blood stained His steps; walk in the path He trod
The ground drinks my tears Christs loved ones can see
This is the hill that took my Lord from me.

“Oh my dear Son,” listen to Mary’s cry
“What have they done? Why cannot I, too die?”
Who is to blame? Will one life be enough?
Creator God You gave Your all for us.

W.B Aug ‘14


Elizabeth said...

Thank You Lord! \O/

Marja Verschoor-Meijers said...

Will one life be enough? That is a good question, especially with all the blood shed going on today... Praying the PEACE of Jesus in all hearts. Thank you Wyn.