Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This Day Is Yours

This day is Yours though pain or joy
May hold me fast, my thoughts employ
Days given by God to walk at His side
Knowing He’s close and with Him I’ll abide.

Alone with You, my Saviour dear
Through troubled nights You’re always near
Love of my heart, my days and my nights
I’m wrapped in Your arms and shielded from fright.

You know the way that I should go
Choose this or that to Home I’ll still go
I hold out my arms to share Your love
I’d gather the lost to carry above.

The tears You shed before Calvary
Your grief for the lost who refused to be freed
You gave Your all while we turned away
Watching You die while the Cross points the way.

Not one more soul be satan’s prize
His doom is sealed, that’s no surprise
Christ bled for each and everyone
The whosoever’s are God’s and death is gone

W.B. Aug ‘14.