Friday, October 17, 2014

Are You Home Yet?

You’re in a home for old and doddery has-beens
Where you’ll be safe and filled with daily bread
It’s good to know that you are locked up safely
Behind a door through which you may not head.

Do you remember days of joy and freedom
When you could pack a bag and drive away?
Kids in their homes too busy to find fault with you
Your dreams of love may one day come to stay.

How strange is life?; When your home was full of babies
You made your plans to board a plane and fly
The years went by and cash flew out the windows
And sickness came and never said goodbye.

So here you are and long to enter Heaven
Loved by your Lord who washed you in His blood
Yearning for souls who hide their fears in mockery
While days drag on; you’d help them if you could.

So come, dear Lord; convict us all of sin once more
Show us the Cross, on which You chose to die
This beam; this pole that blinds us everywhere we look
Destroy it now so we see others through Your eyes.

W.B Oct '14

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