Tuesday, October 21, 2008

God's Creatures.

God’s Creatures

I can hear the birds chirping gladly outside
And the sun is shining again
The clouds have rolled off and the wind has died down
And now there’s no sign of the rain.

It’s funny how weather can alter the way
You feel about any old thing
The sun makes you happy, the rain makes you sad
While the wind makes a mess with its wings

Well, I’m sure that the birds must just love the wind
When it blows soft, and gentle, and warm
They can float way up high on a thermal or two
As they hold out their feathery arms

Just think how they must ache, their wings I mean
After flapping and beating so hard
To get up off the ground or escape from the cat
Or fly clear of the junk in our yard

Then there are the creatures that crawl on the ground
Not for them an escape to the sky
When things get unpleasant the best they can do
Is to try and find somewhere to hide

If you were a beetle and thought you would hide
Just under a leaf or a twig
How awful for you if I came in the yard
And marched straight over to where you were hid

I wouldn’t have meant to stand right on your head
Or tip rain off a leaf on your bed
But it might have been better if you could have crawled
Up the trunk of a big tree instead.

We all are God’s creatures and maybe He knows
What weather we each like the best
Like warm sun, not too hot, some rain, not too much
And the wind has to be at its best.

For how will the birds feel if there is a wind
That threatens to tumble their nest
As it clings to the tree tops that sway in the breeze
And strikes fear into each little breast.

And think of the crawlies that creep round about
When the rain starts to fall on the ground
Why, in no time the drops that collect on the leaves
Make a flood that a bug could just drown

So if you feel sad that the weather is bad
Remember that God cares for you
Even more than the creatures that live round about,
So spare just a thought for them too.

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ginal said...

beautiful and good message