Friday, October 24, 2008

Lord You Are My Life.

Where are You Lord? Are You really there? I can’t FEEL You here.
Father I need to FEEL Your presence. I feel so alone today.

Is this Your doing Lord? Are You removing my props?
Or are You showing me that I mustn’t put any stock in feelings.
They are fickle aren’t they, Lord?
Satan can play with my feelings too.
I know that, but feelings are the building blocks of my perceptions and my perceptions are that I am so alone.

I need You (that’s a fact, not a perception).

I want to sink right up to my neck in an awareness of Your presence , a sensation of Your love.
There I go again concentrating on feelings instead of facts.

The facts are these:- You love me to bits
You are here beside me and within me.
You will never leave me or abandon me
You are closer than a brother.
You are holding me in the palm of Your hand

Hold me tight Lord, I still need to FEEL it! I am so very very human.
Have mercy on me oh Lord of my life, Love of my life.


Anonymous said...
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ginal said...

Make me cry this song . Why we need all the time need to have so many questions and feelings when the things are so clear like you said?
He loves us so much and He will protect us always and this shall be enough for us, no?