Saturday, November 5, 2011

You Have A Secret

Friend you seem to have a secret; there’s a light inside your eyes
And a warmth and tenderness you’ve shown to me
Is there something that you know about? It will not be a surprise
Oh please, brother, will you share your news with me?

I have heard that you know Jesus and He has love enough to share
But I’m a wretched man with a past I now regret
Do you think that I still have a chance to turn my life around?
I have no hope; strength; or determination left.

Will you let me sit beside you as you tell me what you know?
And why you look so full of optimistic joy
I have lived with sin and sorrow too many years of my life
Yet I started off as a happy, boisterous boy.

Now I want someone to show me if I can change my life
Or if this Jesus Christ could do just that for me?
I can’t go on any longer in my world of sin and strife
Please open up my eyes so I can see.

Wyn Barratt
Nov 2011.


Anonymous said...

nice post thanks for sharing God bless you...

wyn said...

Thank you Soraya.
It's all about sharing God's love and our Faith.
God bless you,