Monday, July 25, 2011

Lord, Your Spirit Reigns.

Lord, Your Spirit reigns within; You are my Rock, my Tower, my Light
No trial or trauma can remove Your presence, day or night.
Why do I fret and worry so when You are God of all?
Your purposes will be worked out however dark this pall.

Behind the clouds, beyond the storm the sun is shining still
So hear my song dear God of Love for I will love You still.
Your faithfulness a shining light that pierces all the gloom
Your Word is sure and can’t be moved, You are here inside my room.

How blessed we are that You are here and with us every day
Nothing can ever change Your love, You’ll never walk away.
But if we wander from Your side Your sorrow matches ours
We move with sin, neglect, or pride, lost moments become lost hours.

You gave Your life and still pour out a love as red as blood
Each drop is wrung out from Your Heart, You wish us only good.
So why is it so hard to trust, so hard to rest in You?
Again our pride comes into play we think that we should do

This thing, or that, we deem Your will; decisions, unwise, are made
Not resting but restlessness the line on which our life is laid.
So help us Lord to look to You for every breath and step
To take instructions from Your Word then trust Your guidance yet.

©2011 Wyn Barratt.

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