Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Faithful to me; Faithful to me
There on the Cross You were faithful to me
You took all my sinfulness and set me free
I worship you Saviour, You’re so faithful to me.

Guiding me: You are guiding me
In my freedom You are leading and guiding me
No step would I take without holding Your hand
Saviour You are leading me through this great land.

Onward to Home; Onward to Home
Lord You will take me so I no longer roam
Draw me much closer Lord, I long to be
Right at Your side while You’re still leading me.

No more regrets; No more regrets
All that You send me I know is the best
Teaching and training me; letting me try
The ways that I praise You and the ways that You guide.

Only with You; Only with You
One day I’ll reach Heaven and be only with You
No one will take me right out of Your hand
As You walk with me Saviour to the glory You planned.

Wyn Barratt
July 2011


Marja said...

A longing speaks from your poems Wyn... a longing to be so close to Him! I love your words, thanks fro sharing.

wyn said...

Thaks Marja,

It is my longing that I would never hurt my Lord, ever. Yet I still seem to fail Him. But the 'making up' is wonderful too!