Sunday, July 20, 2014

Think On God.

In spite of all the darkening clouds the sun has risen again
Our God is faithful everyday in sunshine or in rain
So think on God for every breath is His great gift to you
And as you ponder on His love ask what He’d have you do.

If you are busy and working hard with job and family
Ask Him for guidance, wisdom too for a day that’s orderly
Under His banner step into this day that He has planned
With heartfelt prayer as every care is placed into His hands.

Today someone will bless you, so seek to do the same
And offer prayer for those you know are suffering great pain
So think on Christ and how His love surrendered all for you
Now our mighty resurrected Lord is praying from Heaven for you.

W.B July ‘14


Elizabeth said...

This touched me! ((tears))

I love this! ((hugs))

Wyn Barratt said...

How wonderful that our Lord prays for us!!