Saturday, July 26, 2014

Random Acts?

Does your life seem full of random acts, no sense or order there?
What are God’s plans you sometimes ask and does He know or care?
We overlook the simplicity that rests twixt God and man
When fretfully we kneel and cry, “Please help?” He says, “I can”!

Think back on God the Father and remember you’re His child
Present Him with the mess that’s you when your thoughts are running wild
He made you and His plans for you are written on His hand
So offer now yourself to Him He has a Master plan.

Don’t overlook the comfort of resting in His will
Just walk inside His footsteps He is your leader still
He spreads His love in blessings to brighten up your heart
So tightly hold His nail scarred hand this is your only part.

W.B. July ‘14


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful! I love it!

Wyn Barratt said...

Line three corrected!!