Monday, March 3, 2014

Out Of Range.

Father You gave Your love, Your life, yet I need more than that
I need Your power and wisdom for I mess up this and that.
I seem to stick in one hard place and never move along
I shut my mouth for just a while then say something else that’s wrong.

My remorse is always genuine and I would give my life
If I could only change a bit and keep right out of strife
For many years You’ve worked with me yet it seems I never change
I sometimes sense improvement but ‘holy’ is out of range.

I’m such a disappointment and that’s not just to me
I wonder at Your patience and no end to me I see.
I know I’ve asked You once before as soon as I’m forgiven
That You would pick me off the floor and rush me right to Heaven.

To leave me here until I change would take a thousand years
And every time I fail You, You know it ends in tears
It’s not that I don’t love a lot, but not wisely and too well
Impulsive and impatient; now that is my death knell.

And so I come to You again, and for the umpteenth time
To tell You that I’m sorry Lord that I stepped out of line
You give me yet another day; my slate seems to be clean
But now I face the consequence of where my mouth has been.

W.B. March 2014

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