Tuesday, November 4, 2014

In Your Presence.

I am here in Your presence with another new day
Lord I cherish my friendships that don’t fade away
Friends are for ever given through Your love
And as long as we love You we’ll still be friends above.

Hear my prayers dear Saviour for each loving friend
Keep them safe, send them blessings until life one day ends
Wrap them in joy, strengthen their faith, and see the world through Your eyes
On each new day kiss them with fresh love and surprise.

Let me kneel in Your presence, let me die in Your arms
May my faith be like a fortress and despise the world’s charms
Give me a sense of other’s needs and the means to refill
Every hole that aches inside as they seek Your own will.

W..B. Nov ‘14


Elizabeth said...

Oh this is so beautiful Wyn!!!
Thank you and I love you much!

Wyn Barratt said...

Thank you my precious sister.
You echo the Master's love in so many ways.